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    1.   There is a $334 filing fee for Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.  
In many situations, a client can pay a $100 first installment of the filing fee to start the case.  This would leave two more payments of $117 each due 30 days and 60 days later.

    2.   If a client has completed the credit counseling before the consultation, then the filing fee can be reduced by $24.

    3.   The attorney fee for most Chapter 13 cases is not paid by the client directly to the attorney.   Instead, the attorney fee would be paid in monthly amounts from the payments the client makes for the debt consolidation plan. Attorney John Eggers will discuss the details of his fee in a free consultation.   

    1.   The total fee to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case with our office in most situations  would be $900.   This amount does include $335 for the court filing fee and $24 for the credit counseling session if it has not already been completed.

    2.   There is no charge to have a thirty minute consultation about Chapter 7.  
    3.  Clients can pay the total fee in installments if they wish.   However, the   case is not filed with the court until the full balance is paid.  

    FILING FOR BANKRUPTCY is a serious matter with significant expenses, obligations and requirements.   Please feel free to call attorney John Eggers at 404-766-2326 if you have additional questions about the fees associated with Chapter 13 or Chapter 7.
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