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FIRST, it is a good idea to obtain your credit report and see what debts are listed.   Everyone can obtain a free credit report each year by going to the following website:

SECOND, federal income tax returns for the last four years would need to be completed for most cases under bankruptcy if an individual was required to file for that year.   A person can file the case and then complete the tax returns afterwards, but it is a good idea to begin preparing your returns as soon as possible.

THIRD, a credit counseling session is mandatory before filing any bankruptcy case.   A list of agencies that provide credit counseling can be accessed from the "Credit Counseling" page of this website.   Most people who file cases with my office ask me to assist them with the credit counseling.   This can be done at the initial consultation with payment of the $24 credit counseling fee.  

FOURTH, a person who files a bankruptcy case is required to provide paystubs from the last 60 days if her or she has been working during that period.